Scapa Flow Wreck Diving Week 12/09/2021

£775.00 inc vat


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ScubaTeks on Tour takes us north….
Orkney has a unique underwater environment, from vast battleships resting in the heart of Scapa Flow, to smaller blockships dotted along the rugged coastline. There is a real poignancy to seeing the wrecks on the seafloor of the Flow, an area that is teeming with a history that spans the centuries and encompasses both grievous losses and magnificent victories.

Sunday 12th- Friday 17th September 2021.
The Scapa Flow Package includes:
7 nights’ liveaboard B&B accommodation – Saturday to Friday.
6 days diving (2 dives per day) – Sunday – Friday
Use of lead weights (please bring your own belts)
Air fills (nitrox available charged extra, trimix by prior arrangement)
Complimentary tea, coffee & biscuits. After dive pints of tea served as standard!!!!
Accurate, in depth, multi-media dive briefings and history talks. Over 30 years combined experience diving the German Fleet. The only boat offering this level of briefing in Scapa.
There are only 12 spaces available on the vessel.
You must be Advanced Open Water with Deep spec or equivalent to sign up to this trip. Tec divers welcome.
Cost is £775.
£350 deposit-Required upon booking to confirm your space!
Please note travel costs and food (except breakfasts) are not included!
The Diving:
In late November 1918 the German High Seas Fleet arrived in Scapa Flow for internment. On 21 June 1919, believing the British intended to seize the fleet, Rear Admiral Ludwig von Reuter gave the order to scuttle every ship. Today the wrecks of three battleships, three light cruisers and a fast mine-layer – ships that all escaped complete removal during salvage operations – remain on the seabed of Scapa Flow. Lying between 45 and 12 metres under the surface, these wrecks have become imposing and insightful pieces of history. They offer distinct and rare diving experiences.